Hello. I am an award winning ,virtually self taught artist, returning to painting after a long absence, and following a full time teaching career . I live in Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire ,England so am able to access the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Wolds and moors along with the North sea coastline . I have recently inherited a house in South Cornwall which is a beautiful location for inspiration.
I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums, though am leaning towards watercolour as my favourite because of its beautiful translucency and unpredictable nature. I am on permanent alert with my camera for images that catch my interest . Theses are varied in subject and exhibit textures, pattern and light in appealing combinations . I enjoy sketching and watercolour painting outside, but the majority of my work is done in my studio.
I exhibit my work in open exhibitions around the country and have won several prizes in the three years that I have been painting with watercolours . I occasionally take on commission requests.
''What is this life so full of care, We have no time to stand and stare'' ( W.H.Davies ) .
As an artist , standing and staring comes naturally as there is beauty in virtually everything around us. I have no specific favourite as subject matter for my work because I see scenes and objects all around that cry out to be captured on paper.
In my artwork , I try to describe the colours ,shapes, textures and atmospheres that catch my eye, both where expected and often in the most unlikely setting .I regularly see an object or image in which the intense contrasts in the light , transform it into a collection of almost abstract shapes. Translucency and the distortion of images when viewed through glass and water excite me in particular, though ,with a mark making tool in my hand, I become engrossed in any subject in its linear form .